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Hi there! 


My name's Dione [pronounced Dee-o-knee] but most like to call me Dee [abbreviated any way you like - D, Di, or Dee]

I'm a strategic business professional with a strong background in marketing to drive a growth agenda and I've got a passion for helping businesses grow!


I love driving the business agenda through demonstrated project management skills, operational efficiency and relationship management within the context of nurturing and growing brand health, identity and meaning.

A little bit about me...


I have over 17  years experience working in product development, events, internal communication and marketing in a corporate environment and two years experience leading the Victorian arm of a global not-for-profit organisation. 


Phew... all of this before making the move to start my own business,

Where I am right now?  I currently work four days a week at a purposeful not for profit, one I'm very passionate about from a cultural and community perspective..  

And on my other day?  I provide marketing services to values-aligned clients. 

I bring a wealth of both professional and personal experience to my clients with a unique flair.  I believe in continual learning and growth and seek values aligned SME's to market for.

I believe in developing healthy business relationships of trust, loyalty and open communication.

I've got a passion for fitness [more specifically body building], long walks, a lover of nature, sunsets and a growth mindset - 'grow through what you go through'.

Oh and I've got a couple of degrees under my belt which include a

Bachelor of Business Marketing [Monash University] and a Bachelor of Business Human Resources [Monash University].

In need of social media support, general marketing or a short term marketing project?  I'd love to have a chat.

If you'd like to know more, please feel free to drop me an email or give me a buzz on 0411 033 650.

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