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Two business professionals with a range of experience, knowledge and education have merged to provide you with the Business Development, Sales and Marketing support to grow your business.

So, just what is it we do? 

We bring your business into the digital age, ensuring your sales can support your marketing initiatives.


Breaking down the infographic

The world is changing at a fast pace.  Are you playing catch up or simply just don’t know how to navigate the social media world?

No longer do we need to wait for the 6pm news to see breaking headlines, nor do we have to wait until our favourite store opens to buy that product.  Due to the advancement of technology, images and content are being uploaded and shared in an instant.  Life is moving fast.  Many consumers prefer to shop online.    

Not only is it essential for a business to have a Webpage nowadays, it has become just as crucial for businesses to have an online brand presence across social media platforms to increase brand awareness and to increase sales performance.

That’s where we can help…

We’ll spend time in your business to really dive into your brand and assess the best social media platforms for your business.  We’ll identify how your brand is represented across all your social media platforms and find out exactly who your target demographic are.  We’ll come up with a content plan and strategy to start getting you noticed on socials.

Is your website up to date?  Well, if not, we’ll look at that for you too.

So, step one is getting your marketing sorted out.  You’ve got a great social media platform, good reach, engagement, an attractive website and sales start coming in hot and fast. 

But, oh no!  Your CRM system hasn’t been set up and you, or it hasn’t been linked to your marketing and you just don’t know what to do next!  It’s great to have a marketing strategy that works but if your sales strategy hasn’t been thought out, well…  Yikes!


We’ve got you covered there too.  We’re going to link your marketing to your CRM system and make sure you have a robust process in place to track, maintain and develop your sales.

We’ll improve your sales performance by creating a seamless customer experience.  Our service includes a comprehensive audit that will identify gaps and opportunities in your sales process and put in effective solutions to ensure you capture all new leads, marketing intelligence and effectively manage your customer sales funnel.

So, are you ready to level up?

If so, give either one of us a call, we’d love to chat over a coffee and tell you what we can do for your business.

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